Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The Japanese GAL show took place at Joseph Richards with a line up of different Japanese Gal Styles for you to stare at as long as you like. It was a new type of environment to perform in but it was all love from the crowd with random Japanese hooting and a lot of camera lights flashing.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Video Arcade Top 10

Use to watch this weekly when I was a little young buck. This is to those who remember.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

S&VG ll - Download

Download this song from Sneakers and Video Games Bonus

S & V II by www.jaykinlive.com

First part is a 14 track compilation of all new tracks released in September 2010
Download Sneakers and Video Games here www.jaykinlive.com

Thank You....Jay Kin + thefarleft

Jay Kin - Thank You from TheFarLeftTV on Vimeo.

JayKin gives an update on his recent show in Seattle, opening for PAC DIV & Dead Prez and his soon to be released Sneakers and Video Games BONUS coming soon.


Thank you to every one who downloaded the first part to Sneakers and Video Games. The BONUS is just me showing my support back.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Seattle's ....SNEAKER EXPO performance footage

Much love to Logics and the Alumni family for showing great hospitality south of the border and letting me take the stage at the First North West Sneaker Expo in Seattle. Had a great time and here is the footage of what happened at the Seattle show on stage and back stage as well with PAC DIV headlining the night.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


SNEAKERS AND VIDEO GAMES-Bonus will be a 8 track release followed from Sneakers and Video Games that was released in September. Expect a remix for the song Sneakers and VideoGames produced by He Ro and an exclusive track titled T.E.A.R.S. off the album KinFolk. A bit more hiphop on this one over all but still farleft. SNEAKERS AND VIDEO GAMES-Bonus to be out in early December as a free download on this blog and others.

Thank you to all those who downloaded Sneakers and Video Games.... if you have not downloaded it yet....do so here>>> www.jaykinlive.com ... it's free so no excuse not to.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I remember first moving to Tokyo and I was just walking around all evening till I came across a 3 floor, now 2 floor, New Era shop about 15 minutes from Harajuku station. Instantly became good friends with the staff that we even filmed the second half of the Nippon video in their shop. Never seen so many custom color ways to your common New Era hat but they got them all from New Era to Mich. Be sure to check them out in Japan and tell them Jaykin says Konichiwa!!!


Been patiently waiting for this one... like 20 years!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Emnace + JayKin

Emnace is brand based out of Seattle that is years in and going strong. They have a heavy support range in their home city and have now made their way up in to northern soil. Go see the brand Emnace here online.... now available at Dipt. Much love to Emnace for using the song "Shorty" of of Sneakers and Video Games....much move love to both girls in these videos.

Photo shoot model: Suduna Pa
Music by: JayKin - "Shorty"


Miss Casey Carter

The lady of Seattle herself, Miss Casey Carter. Got a chance to finally meet her down at the North West Expo in Seattle after seeing her blow up on twitter. For all the latest info 2 hours south of home.... click on to her website www.misscaseycarter.com

MISS CASEY CARTER AND BIG SEAN from Casey Carter on Vimeo.