Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Yesterday was the last night for Monday Night Live and this has been a night that has stuck out in Vancouver. It was started in 1997 by Needlekenival, Cee & Louvince and I am happy to say that I was able to perform on stage on countless occasions. This night has carried a strong legacy for Hiphop in Van and it defnitely gave my career a push.
While I was living in Japan, the torch was handed off to Emotionz to carry on the Monday Night live tradition a few blocks down from Lamplighter @ The Modern. Emotionz embraced the stage one last time with several other artist such as The Shottas, Azrail & Chadio and many moer residing from Van all the way to Winnipeg. I checked it out last night as a fan and to pay respect. We'll just have to see if the legacy will be carried on. ?????

Monday, 22 February 2010

Haroshi exhibition

You know how much love I got for Japan and this I can definitely appreciate. "Skate & Destroy" displayed in Tokyo by Haroshi.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

GAKI NO TSUKAI (No laughing game)

My favorite show that happens 1nce a year from Japan. A group of Japans top comedians are put in the most twisted situations where they are being forced to laugh but the rule and only rule to the game is not to laugh I guess or they get a whip or blow dart to the ass section.


So I gotta be honest... I've been a huge fan of games since the dawn of Nintendo. I remember being the first kid in my building with one and having every kid jammed in that building jammed in my room waiting to get a turn to play. I still game every now and then but you can believe me when I say that I am a video game head.
Video below is me versing Jenkin of jusalilhype! @ Movieland Arcade on Granville street (Downtown Vancouver). I lost but we gonna get another one in on Street Fighter. Who wanna challenge?

justalilhype X JayKin from justalilhype! on Vimeo.

Show in Kichijoji, Tokyo (LOW QUALITY)

Sorry this was taken from a Japanese cell phone so try not complain about it. Just want to show you whats been good out in my second home... TOKYO, JAPAN!!!!!!!!

Black History AirForce

Love the details on these. Always been a fan of AF1's although I don't wear them as much, I gotta whole bunch of them stuffed in the closet. Definitely a good look for Black History Month.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My first solo effort released in 2006 with Dj Seko & Dj Kutcorners. 39 TRACKS of raw, classic hiphop with the help of 2 of my favorite Dj's.