Saturday, 25 December 2010

BIG NEWS!!! ... QUIKSILVER (Japan) features JAYKIN

Recent BIG NEWS people. A Documentary film by Surfing brand, Quiksilver [Japan] has been filmed with JayKin song, "Nippon". This short promotion video for Quiksilvers latest apparel collection featured K1 Fighter Yamamoto (山本) KID in his most natural element in the heart of Tokyo. The song "Nippon", which means Japan in Japanese, goes through the whole promotion video.

Click link below

Thank you Corey and thank you Quik Silver Japan


Tuesday, 21 December 2010



Chad and GMAN got at me about joining the 1 anniversary Hiphop Karaoke and right away the I was down to participate. This one was a bit more special with a line up of local artists performing their favorite songs on stage.
I requested "Christmas in Hollis" by Run Dmc but it was taken by heavy weight Karaoke goer, Krista. Gman suggested we collaborate on stage and Krista and I smashed the stage.


Woke up to "(some one's name) put your hands up" and then a front door being smashed in across the street by New Westminster Police. Don't ever want to be woke up like this again. So I took some photos while watching COPS from my window. Turned out it was a grow - op they busted.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Just click the glowing icon in the right bottom corner and get JayKin's full online album, SNEAKERS AND VIDEO GAMES for FREE....

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Experiencing emotional pain right now because my good friend Courtney went back to Chicago for the holidays but other than that I am doing fine.

So here is what happened. Within 2 hours I got shot in the head, burned, a bruise on my cheek, a black eye, a scraped forehead and a busted lip all because of my good friend Courtney who is studying Vancouver Film School.. Miss was fun.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Jingle Doggie... Unofficial Video



I bark like a dog cause you know I'm a dog
and I'm not santa clause who are you
I bark like a dog cause you know I'm a dog
if your feel good say me too (me too)
I bark like a dog cause you know I'm a dog
and I'm sorry that's what a dog do
I'm hanging with my dogs, the Freshest Kids
Merry Christmas and a New Year to you

Dinner is finish
got a kitchen full of dishes
a girlfriend with so many wishes
she put santa clause right out of business
but I still got my dogs
and big glass of eggnog
just got my holiday bonus a walmart certificate
20% off!!!!


Chillin with my dogs
sippin eggnog
Chillin with my dogs
choppin up logs

Merry Christmas from JayKin and The Freshest

An early Merry Christmas to you and yours


Thursday, 9 December 2010

NEW JayKin ... Exclusive "CHRISTMAS" song... JINGLE DOG

Heard that Rico Uno (The Freshest) put together a beat for the holiday time and as soon as I heard it, the beat had me laughing. Thought it would be good to put some lyrics on top of it so in about 15 minutes I came up with this. Enjoy your season choppin and sippin eggnog!!!!


The Freshest (Dj...Marvel, Rico Uno, Seko, Kutcorners)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

introducing.... JayKin on "UNWIRED TV" USA/JAPAN

Been checking out this site for the last few months after receiving an email from their office in California. Many different types of media coverage they do from there to Japan on the latest news about Music, Movies, Video Games and more

Sneakers and VideoGames was posted today on the website....

Check it out here

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

JayKin @ BUN B Show... Dec 7th

I will take the stage opening for BUN B (UGK) performing live Dec 7th at fortune sound club! Limited $28 tickets now available at Dipt, Livestock, Beatstreet and online at

JayKin x Good Wood NYC

Just received my custom piece from GoodwoodNyc and it had me feeling like a kid when I would get that new game at my you buck age.
Sneakers and video games cartridge was taken from my and design was done by Cameo of Sixcentpress....AAAAND just to let you know it's an official Good Wood piece, see the Sneakers and Vid's cartridge and other custom Good wood's at GoodwoodNyc

Logics what up... Kathryn (Good Wood Nyc) thank you.

Video of a Good Wood piece being made...