Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kitanoya Guu Otokomae - Cocktail Party

October 12th 2010, Kitanoya Guu Izakaya (Gastown) held its first Cocktail party inside the restaurant. 2 parties in one night, one being called "Aperitif (All White) and the second being "Aventure" (All Black). With great food, a special menu with over 30 different cocktails and live music, it all turned out to be a successful night for Guu. I had the pleasure of hosting this night and performing live alongside Dj Hayze(Hiphop), Dj TwoArrival(Dubstep), Dj King(House) & Dj Miki(Trance). The whole event was broadcasted live on Ustream by Miho to viewers world wide and a live radio station from Japan. My performance set was 15 minutes long, ending off with Sneakers and Videogames and a blown amp. Luckily there where Shine night club workers in attendance that they kindly opened up there club across the street to grab an amp to help finish off the night on a solid note. My hight light was the Russian Roulette wasabi sushi lay out which contained a few that were packed with too much wasabi in one. I'll just say I never ate so much wasabi at one time and it's the last. Enjoy the picks and footage below

Guu Gastown Otokomae - 375 Water St #105, Vancouver - (604) 685-8682

Guu-Izakaya Ustream video

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