Thursday, 13 January 2011


In 1992 my father took me to see the movie Juice. I recall 2pac's character, Bishop, the most. I remember him sporting a pair of brown 40 below timberlands through out the whole film...Well I got my self a pair and this is what it means to me

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Oh and follow me on you know what...


In the morning yeah I lace'm up
and when I'm done on the shelf is where I place'm up
it's never fun thought of Pac when he got that gun
and GQ called him crazy nearly lost a lung
and Steel was crying like a baby
Raheem was trying to feed his baby
couldn't believe you killed your man the same one that
gave you that gun okay now maybe,
he was so caught up, strung up on JUICE
it's sad that his pride would never let him go loose
it's bad news boy, so where you going
I'm in the cold, the liquor forever flowing
40 BELOWS, you know it,
I got that proof, how was Bishop able to run-
so fast up on the roof-in 40 BELOWS
I gotta know, how did you do it
you and Q jumped over the roof
the coppers couldn't do it
and that's word to Bishop, Bliz and Rademes
and I'll never cease forever be in my 40 BELOWS


....IN MY 40 BELOWS (Repeat)
(this is what I'm saying, no I'm not playing)

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