Friday, 18 February 2011

Rap Sensei... teaching the art of Emceeing

A few months ago after performing the half time show at the Circle Prinz battle, I was approached Kim Sato (standing left of me) with a polite invitation to teach hiphop and I politely excepted with no clue how to teach people to rap. Although there are the basics but to really teach this element in detail was a challenge to me.

So the day finally arrived yesterday where I was to stand before 34 dance students (The Souldiers) and try to teach them a bit of the art of rapping. Seeing the size of the class I was glad for those 40 plus student classrooms I taught in Japan cause it would of been more tough than I though it would be.

I started off the session with a self introduction and played my newest single, Japan Love to show them exactly what style I bring. Did not have any hand outs prepared but there was a lot of questions thrown at me which I was pretty happy to answer...
SOME of the questions were....

- What category of a rapper do you consider yourself? : couldn't answer that one cause I don't fit under any specifically

- What defines an underground rapper?

- Do you think the Black Eyed Peas sold out from there original style on their very first album? (Before Furgy)

- What is your border line you would not cross when it comes to being famous?

Next phase was everybody rapping in groups. Each group had their own name there were... WEST COAST, The AIR FORCE 1's, NICKI MINAJ BITCHES, The GET ALIFES (one dude was wearing an alife shirt), THE NUGGETS & THE CHESTY's....

They all came up with crazy lyrics with in 20 minutes, which is impressive and everyone had the whole room going crazy after rapping their lyrics.

Its easy to say this and I don't usually say it but I had a BLAST

For more information about the dance school and the SOULDIERS click on to the web page....

Would like to say thank you to Kim Sato, The Souldiers and everyone at the dance facility for making this possible. Won't forget. Thank you guys.

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  1. Thanks for coming out to teach! it was dope class!

    - 1 of Nicki Minaj Bitches

  2. yeaaa! agreed. your class was bomb :)

    - air force 1's LOL

  3. shared this link with everyone in Souldiers! from the bottom of my heart thank you for your words man forreal, both in this post and in class.

    - Chesty's, whut up! hahahaha

  4. a great post... it was a fun class... sorry for throwing the intense question at ya = )

    Chesty's I'm here for ya! haha

  5. I'm feeling the Japan Love Video. When did they start selling the black Jordan 3 Retros? I just had to pick up the white ones, I have the pic on facebook. Peace.